Weather Alert (April 17, 2016)

WeatherAlert2016-WEBDear Friends and Family of CRBC:

Don’t you just love the Springtime in Colorado. I was sitting outside with no shirt two days ago enjoying some Vitamin D.

After some prayer, contemplation, fears from the prognosticators about a 24″ build-up, and consultation, the leadership of CRBC has decided to encourage all of you to have a family church time in your homes Sunday morning, April 17th.

Out of safety and concern for all of you, we felt this was a best case scenario with the possibility of heavy snow and a cool night. I have heard it said, “Safety never takes a vacation.”

It is our hope to be in contact with absolutely everyone who attends CRBC. If you know of anyone who may be new to our church fellowship who many not receive this email, will you please contact them and give them the news?

Sleep in tomorrow, stay in your pajamas and slippers, make some hot cocoa, read the Bible together, put on your favorite worship CD, and sing and dance your heart out. Maybe even keep reading B90X where you left off!

We’ll move The Trek forward one week, so some of you can still sign up on-line for that. So that will be April 24th, May 1 & 8. Next week we’ll be back with one of our overseers, Britt Hancock. I can’t wait for that. If you have any questions, please ask away.

I love Jesus and I think we live in the best place ever!

Pastor Mark.