thirty ninth day of 2011 B90X (Job 42:1- Psalm 24:10)

In reflecting on the issues of theodicy and the book of Job we finished today, I want you all to be sure and reread the paragraph from yesterday’s email beginning with the words, “Both Job and his friends believe…”  With so many raging debates regarding God and Evil, why is there evil?, the justice, fairness, and wisdom of God~ it is imperative for us to have an healthy view of this issue.  More times than not, these kinds of debates end in hurt feelings, unanswered questions, and even more questions than when the debate started.  The thing to remember is, how will any of these discussions draw me closer to Father?  If they don’t, then they should not be engaged.  Father wants us to trust Him.  As the writer in the synopsis from yesterday wrote, “The conclusion of the matter and the point the book intends to make is that the world is too complex for us to be able to have all the information that we would need to affirm that God is just.  We do have enough, however, to affirm that He is wise.  If we believe He is wise, then we can believe He is just.”  Our finite minds, even at the highest level of knowledge and intelligence don’t have a comprehension of all that the Triune God has, therefore, all the arguing and fixating on opinions and positions are such a waste of time and breath.  Stay innocent my friends.

 To further my appreciation for the Creator, His intelligence, and my lack thereof, I have attached a video some of you may enjoy.  I know there are some who have a negative affinity for insects, so it may not have the appeal it does for others.  When I saw this, my even greater awe and love for our Heavenly Father increased.  Father is so creative and so much bigger than some of our minds allow Him to really be.  My hopes are that by viewing this short piece your appreciation for Father will increase.   What a mighty God we serve.  I especially enjoyed the section from 5:38-6:48, particularly the bugs at 6:16 and 6:41 has such a militaristic nature to them. 


Psalms  We begin the book of songs and poetry.  This may be for some, the portion of reading through the Bible you have been looking forward to.  We have our favorite Psalms and verses from Psalms, those which have sustained us in times of trouble and in times of joy.  There is so much theology in these poems, so much rich thought and depth.  I pray that as you read through them you will see Father’s presence in your lives much clearer. 

To help me understand the nature of each individual psalm, I found a chart which helped me understand if the song was one of lament or praise, individual or corporate, royal, thanksgiving, liturgical, imprecatory, or whatever.  I am actually writing next to the chapter number the information on this chart which describes that psalm.  It helps me know the context for that psalm.  Also if it relates to a specific historical event, I write down what chapter the event took place.  For example Psalm 3 most likely has its roots in the events described in 2 Samuel 15.  The chart I am referring to is linked here:

 Have a good day Saints.  Jesus bless you.  Pastor Mark.