Talk about Jesus

I was flipping through the channels late on Saturday night. The TV is hardly ever on on Saturdays, much less at 10:25 PM.  My sermon was all finished, I was printing it, and just brushing my teeth, readying for bed. Sports on 9news usually comes on right at that time, I wanted to see how the Rockies did. All sports stories were told except one, I missed the Rockies score. Probably doesn’t matter much, they are so far behind, it wouldn’t matter if they win every game here on out through the end of the season.

I digress.

A preacher is often asked to pray before a NASCAR race for safety, etc. Well, a Southern Baptist brother has caused quite a stir when he prayed a collection of sentences that would seem quite out of the ordinary. His prayer can be seen and heard here

This morning the media world, sports world, TV world, radio world, Southern Baptist world, religious folks world and anyone-else-who-may-care world has been ablaze and turned upside down by the words of this pastor.  He has been interviewed by radio stations, TV stations, ad infinitum.  His “smokin’ hot wife” has even been interviewed.   I am certain his elders have been harangued to fire him.

Was his prayer sacriligious?  Was it satire?  Was it disrespectful?  Was it hyperbole?  Was his prayer a prayer? 

No amount of money could have been paid to advertise and draw attention to Jesus and prayer than what this pastor has done.  His church could not have come up with a better scheme to get people talking about Father, Jesus, prayer, and kingdom issues than this.  I am certain he thought long and hard, counseled with others, and counted the cost for what he did.  It really was brilliant.  More people are talking about it.  The entire prayer has been shown over and over again for thousands of folks to see.  They are hearing the whole thing from “Heavenly Father… to … In Jesus name.” 

In an age when media is blocking that stuff out, we have a situation where they are broadcasting it far and wide.  In an attempt to mock and ridicule, they are actually promoting conversation.  Folks who would never be talking about Jesus and prayer, are, much less even think about it.

So my thought for Monday morning is- let’s be creative and radical.  Let’s figure out tricky and clever ways to get people to talk about Jesus, ask questions about Jesus, and then live for Jesus.  Hats off to this gutsy preacher for what he did.

Boogity, boogity, boogity.