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Life from different sources.

I heard someone once say, “You can find truth at various levels in the most inconspicuous places.” After all, a broken clock is right twice a day.  Using the filter of absolute truth and a little perceptiveness, one can be blessed by life-giving words that bless the heart and challenge the mind.

Such was the case this morning.  Whole Living magazine finds its way into our home every month. In the March edition there is a one page encouragement on thoughts towards whole living.  The ten items read like proverbs.  They so captivated my attention I thought I’d share them with  you.

10 Thoughts on Whole Living

1. When you need to find your way, check your roots.
2. Your body knows how to heal itself; just give it the right tools.
3. Beauty is a mosaic, not a mind-set.
4. Wouldn’t it be boring if the journey threw no curves?
5. Make eating more sensory: think about experiencing texture and aroma as well as taste.
6. Flaws build character, not shortcomings.
7. Collect and curate simplicities that lift your spirits.
8. Challenge your brain the way you do your body.
9. If you can’t stay, smile as you walk by.
10. Amuse and enrich your palate with varied, colorful foods.

Whole Living, March 2012, p. 87,  Jacqueline Gentilesco

B90X2012 Jan. 8 “Pharaoh knows best”

Reading through the Bible every year like this is kind of like going on a long road trip.  We have driven to Los Angeles from Colorado so many times that we know the places to stay, great places to eat, the long stretches of highway, and even where to change drivers.  Yet even in the redundancy of the drive, the same ol’ same ol’ scenery, we would see something new, find a new restaurant, or see Father’s hand in the adventure.

Reading through the Bible this time is once again, just like that.  We are reading very familiar stories. Even stories we have heard all our lives and probably did a flannel-graph of them.  We can retell them with vivid detail.

Yet, each and every time I read, there is something new.  For example, here is a short phrase I had not seen before today.  It is only four words.  Yet in its brevity, a powerful truth is reflected.

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