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Day Forty B90X (Ps 25:1- Ps 45:14)

Good morning refugees~  
I remember a dream my wife had one night several years ago.  This dream has significance to both of us.  I often recall the physical and spiritual imagery the dream spoke of.  Whenever I need reminding of a few things, this dream is the picture I run to. 
She was walking in a tunnel, it turned out to be a train tunnel.  You guessed it, a train came along.  The wall of the tunnel was so close to the tracks and the ensuing train, there was literally no where to go.  The end of the tunnel was way too far to outrun the oncoming train.  Just behind her was a cleft in the rock, a small crack of sorts which was the exact shape and depth her body could fit into as the train sped by.  Had the cleft been any smaller or if she moved just an inch outward, she would have been obliterated.
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