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B90X- Genesis thoughts.

As I finished up Genesis last night, I was reminded how messy humanity can be.  The craziness of how different folks acted can take us off guard.  Whether it is Abraham lying a couple of times about Sarah being his sister rather than his wife, the cave scene of Lot and his daughters, or the selling of a younger brother into slavery, there is no lack of wonder as to why this family is the one used to bring salvation and redemption to all of mankind.

Josephs coat

Where the idea started that one has to be perfect to either go to church or begin the Christian walk is beyond me.  If Father used this rag-tag hereditary line to share his story, just about all of us are tame in comparison.  Some of the stories regarding Sodom are perplexing.  And how twisted so many are by not having any moral guidance, left to their own devices and schemes.  As one of our Youth Pastors said last night, “Man, how can this be in my Bible?  Not in my Bible!”

There is a fantastic reminder of respect and honor, as well as the antithesis, every time I read Genesis 9.  The ark has settled on dry land, the water recedes, and Noah plants a vineyard.  For whatever reason Noah imbibes way too much and lay nakedly inebriated in his tent. His three sons have a decision to make- criticize their father or protect him.  Two sons chose to protect while one son says something that shows disrespect and when Noah finds out about it is furious.  So ticked that a curse is brought upon his lineage forever.  And to this day the curse appears to be born out.

The CJB says he is ‘shamefully exposed.’  There will be times in our lives when some folks around us have made some decisions which shamefully expose them.  Rather than further embarrass or bring more trouble on someone, let’s do what we can protect, love, respect, and honor those around us when mistakes are made.  Rather than air them out for the world to see, let’s cover over a multitude of sins.  I think it is something Jesus would do.

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”  Proverbs 15:1