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Marble’s Monday Menagerie 03.26.12

Pretty awe inspiring time lapse video of Yosemite.

I have heard it said that no other game can draw out the true character of a person than golf. This writer seems to agree.

A fun article on scribes of the bible and the additional notes they scribbled in the margins of the text.

In the vein and of the ilk of Clive Staples Lewis, a poignant writ about how to destroy a pastor.

Immature Christ followers get confused about temptation and sin.  Unless it is thought through, the former can be confused with the latter.

I almost wrote this article a while back.  When should a leader shut something down? How does one deal with sacred cows?

The epitome of dry humor.

Urban Legends used by Pastors

I don’t want to ever lie from the pulpit. Either knowingly or unknowingly. However, there have been times when a story sounds so good it just had to be shared. Only to find out later that maybe there were parts of it that didn’t quite line up. Or we share something about the Bible that may bring conviction to the hearer, but has no truth to it. Those kinds of exaggerations don’t glorify our Father at all.

On a blog I read pretty often, an article appeared on this very subject. The original is found here.  Let me know what you think.   Here it is:

Those of us who are entrusted with the task of expositing the Scriptures in a local church must take care to verify our sources, illustrations, and stories. No matter how helpful an illustration may be, it is dishonoring to God if it is untrue.

Here are a number of urban legends that get repeated in sermons. Some are more pervasive than others, even appearing in commentaries and scholarly works.

1. The “eye of the needle” refers to a gate outside Jerusalem.

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