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This whole Reformation thing…

“Reformation? What is that?”

I did some impromptu surveys on some folks asking what they knew about the Reformation? Nearly every person couldn’t connect the dots regarding people, places, times, reasons, etc. from the church event that changed history on Oct. 31, 1517. So this past week I went on a tear and read more about those series of events than I ever had before. There was a determination to get some info on the subject out to our CRBC family.  I had never done a “Reformation” sermon, or really heard one myself, so I gave it a shot.

For years I thought that church history began with Jesus, Peter, and Pentecost, there was a gap, and then, boom, Billy Graham.  I wasn’t aware of all the stuff in between.  Such naivete. 

Synergistically, several components had to be in place for the reformation to occur. Those components culminated throughout Europe in many places. The Holy Spirit was speaking to men and women in lots of countries. Fortunately, they heard and responded. Who knows what the church would look like today had the events not gone the way they did. If it were not for the courage by a few interesting characters, a church promoting incredulous proposterosities (new word), and masses hungry for something real, the events of “the reformation” would not have taken place.

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