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Praying for our children- Faithfulness

faithfulnessPrayer for our Kids day 11 – Faithfulness

“Let love and faithfulness never leave my children, but bind these twin virtues around their necks and write them on the tablet of their hearts” (Proverbs 3:3).


Can I just say how much I love this verse? I’m so thankful to be reading it and praying it over my kids all day today! Okay, now on to today’s topic, faithfulness…

Is it fair to assume we all want our children to grow up and be good students, to be in healthy relationships with their friends and spouses, hard workers, etc.?  One of the biggest keys to this success is their ability to practice faithfulness.

It’s amazing how many areas of our life we are required to practice faithfulness and from such a young age. As kids, we have to be faithful in doing our chores and faithful to our friends. Then as we grow and start school we have to be faithful in doing our homework. Eventually we all get jobs and are faithful to our boss and in fulfilling our job duties. We enter into relationships and have to be faithful to our boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. The list goes on and on.

I think faithfulness is something that can be over-looked, but it is so important in so many avenues of our lives. And honestly, we should be praying for areas in our own lives, not just our children’s, to practice better faithfulness. I think we will be amazed at the changes we see taking place when we do.

Guest Post- Rachel Theobald