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Sixty Second Day of B90X (Ez 36:1- 48:12)

New tulip sprouts in my front yard!

Spring is sprunging! I have tulip and daffodil shoots popping up in my front yard. It is officially here. Haven’t you noticed the days getting longer?

Just like there is a newness in the air, on the trees, and springing from the ground, we finished Ezekiel today with an encouraging note of newness. I am always so blessed when I read the last line of the book. “And the name of the city from that time on will be: “THE LORD IS THERE.” Ezekiel doesn’t put it in all caps because he is yelling at us. It is a name- Yahweh Shammah. Continue reading

Day 58 B90X (Jer 48:1- Lam 1:22)

Good work Saints!  I get many great words of encouragement from some of you which propel me to further discipline and faithfulness.  We are about a good thing! 

"Jeremiah Lamentations" Chagall

Lamentations-  Originally the title of the book was “Ah, how!” from the Hebrew words ‘ek ah.

This short book is not connected to a specific author or prophet, however, tradition puts it in the lap of Jeremiah.  It is mainly composed of funeral songs for Jerusalem.  Since Jeremiah does not deport in the exile, he has time to survey the damage left by the departure of the presence of Father.   The year is 586 B.C., the Babylonian King is furious with his Vassal Zedekiah who would not keep his word.  The temple is completely sacked and the city is left in piles of rubble.  The people weep from the feeling that God has abandoned them.  The poems show the people’s sense of guilt, confession, and repentance as they realize how deeply they have hurt God by their sin and unfaithfulness. Continue reading

Prayer for Egypt 2-19-2011

Friends~  One of our close friends forwarded the following email to me from some folks in Egypt.  Additionally, check out this video of some of our Christian brothers praising God and worshipping Father in song and prayer.


We really thank you all for your backing to us & for your prayer to our nation in such a hard time.
We really appreciate your prayers. Your backing made a difference & we still need it.
It’s with no doubts, that exposure of corruption is great. We agree that it needed God for all this corruption to be unveiled.
Yet, I believe, we’re in a very critical situation. Situation is very serious. 
Just few hours ago sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, president of the world council of muslim scholars (an Egyptian sheikh who was not allowed to come in country for 31 years) has made a speech in which he called the Supreme Council of the Egyptian armed forces to open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip urgently, to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip. He said so after energising  who were listening to him to defend for their brothers in Palestine.  Al-Qaradawi said in his sermon, which was attended by more than 2 million Egyptians “The Rafah border crossing would open,” adding that the Egyptian army, which fought a war for palestine, it can not be against their trapped palestinian brothers. He also expressed his hope of freeing Al-Aqsa mosque, calling on Allah for help for muslims to pray in it soon. Just few hours after his speech, the army responded & opened Rafah crossing point for some cases for 3 days!! 

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Day 41 B90X (Ps 45:16- 69:21)

The most important book to have hidden in your heart when the train is coming.

The Psalms are Such Great Reading, Eh Saints?  I love it, they are the best.

 The Psalms were written over a thousand-year period across the whole range of Old Testament history. We find prayers to God by individuals as well as prayers designed for corporate use.  Some arise out of historical or personal circumstances, while others address particular liturgical contexts.
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