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Marble’s Monday Menagerie 12.11.12

A pretty cool article on the revival going on in New England right now.

Don’t let the title fool you.  It is obviously to get your attention.

Four words that will change every situation.  We can never get enough of these lessons.

Driving to work can be the best part of your day.

Great story on how folks are smuggled out of North Korea to flee religious and political persecution.

Again, the title is to grab your attention.  No kid would ever really want to be known for this, at least not while they are going through it.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 10.08.12

If you struggle to get your kids to talk to you, maybe there are some great pointers here.

For those of you who enjoy what happens at the highest court in the land.  Three cases upcoming which have significant impact on our nation.

How do you deal with the attacks on your Christian worldview?  Here are some other thoughts.

Another good article on how to make dinner time the most memorable time of day.

Very funny piece with Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards.  How do they think and converse like that?

“Our Children Don’t Get Anything Out of the Service”: Worship as Training for Life

If I got a dollar for every time I heard this statement, “I don’t get anything out of the service,” I’d have a bunch of dollars.  The deliverer of the statement has come in many shapes and sizes, ages, so-called “religious experiences,” seminary degrees, and religious forms.  There are a multitude of reasons why some have experiences with Father and some do not.  IMHO the reasons are not extrinsic, but intrinsic.  If one does not have an awe for the Majesty, it is difficult to get past the formalities of a church worship service in order to engage the speaker and his/her text to have a life-changing experience. 

Nevertheless, here is a fun article by David Fitch at reclaimingthemission.com regarding some of the ins and outs of this age old dilemma.  Here is the website.  Here is the article:

I have a six year old. Truth be told, if we would let him, he would sit in front of the television for hours consuming hours of programming about sharks. But we (Rae and I) don’t allow it. “One hour a day!” we say. Why? Because, if we do let him watch that much TV, the child’s brain will turn to mush. He will never learn how to engage the social world. He will be become passive. He will probably gain a lot of weight. He will learn to live life from the vantage point of the remote control.

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How to Raise a Fake Christian

A new website I came across is called Kingdom People.  Titles are a key to catching someone’s attention.  So this one caught my eye.  Read through and see if there is anything that needs adjusting.  It came from this website.  Enjoy.

Raising kids that truly love Jesus is hard work. That’s why so many of parents settle for plan B.

What would happen if you were actually trying to raise a pretend believer? Here are some 9 steps you might take.

My point is not to encourage this type of parenting, only to point out where we might be doing it on accident. 

1. Look down on others: Psalm One is sound advice, but it’s no permit for raising sanctimonious kids.

2. Practice route prayers: Religious habits can serve children well, but it’s no substitute for knowing God as Father.

3. Confess only acceptable sins: This sets up a safe duality, some sins you talk about and some you keep secret. The end condition kills any hope of real accountability.

4. Crank up the K-love: Our family loves to sing along in the car, but I never want my kids to think Jesus is an entertainment choice. Don’t let your kids confuse music preference for Christian spirituality.

5. Never miss church: Another good habit that can quietly becomes the basis of our assurance.

6. Pray aloud to your Daddy-GodI doubt Jesus has changed his mind about showoffs.

7. Buy the t-shirt(s): They may know us by the t-shirts we wear, but God looks at the heart.

8. In a phrase Prosperity Gospel: Children who want their best life now may miss out of God’s best later.

9. Lead by example: Playing religion comes natural when kids see their parents do the same thing.

Obviously we don’t want you raising fake Christians. I’m afraid this is what’s happening to many kids on accident. My point is to show how so-called christian behavior does not always equal belief in Jesus.

8 Tips on Talking to your Kids about a Sermon

I was checking out some fellow friends blogs and came across a good entry. I enjoyed it so much and found it valuable to all of you, so here it is:

My friend Zac Hicks saw this list and made reference to his source.  The original post has details to each line item.  See if practicing this has any benefits in your relationships with your children. Continue reading