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Marble’s Monday Menagerie 11.05.12

The Bible is an amazing book.  Full of lots of words and sayings.  Some are easier to understand than others.  The ones which are not easy to understand require more thought and knowledge.  Here is a help with that conundrum.

Whenever a natural disaster in the ilk of Superstorm Sandy hits our land, there are always the ones who want to know where God is.  Here you go. Another perspective.

This is kind of old yet timeless.  Learning Biblical languages brings a different light to our world.

So many folks are trying to deal with the possibility of a Mormon President.  My take is that it is OK.  Here is a similar view.

I think I was cautious on this advice.

I am not ready to let it all hang out just yet.  Is the main gathering at a church really the place to let this happen?

Marbles Monday Menagerie 10.29.12

For all you parents and Sunday school workers who need another resource.  Here you go.

Pretty cool story of a really older couple who have experience persecution on Tibet for years.  Maybe the most amazing Bible translator ever known.

A few good thoughts on when we isogete the Bible rather than exegete.  If Father had wanted more than what is there, He would have made sure it was there.

My ever present rant against Pharisees and religious folk rises its head again.

Good advice for pastors, but can be used by nearly everyone.  Church is messy enough as it is, we don’t need to add fuel to the fire.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 10.08.12

If you struggle to get your kids to talk to you, maybe there are some great pointers here.

For those of you who enjoy what happens at the highest court in the land.  Three cases upcoming which have significant impact on our nation.

How do you deal with the attacks on your Christian worldview?  Here are some other thoughts.

Another good article on how to make dinner time the most memorable time of day.

Very funny piece with Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards.  How do they think and converse like that?

Marbles Monday Menagerie

Interesting thoughts on unhealthy and healthy criticism.  (Can there be a menagerie without Tom Rainer?  I think not.)

I have also wondered why autumn has two names.  When is it appropriate to call it autumn and when to call it fall?

For my Greek-nerd friends- love the discussion on the fun topic of anger and its relevancy to life.

Now that the papyrus fragment has been called a forgery, here is some info on that verdict.

Is having something in place like this admitting that there is going to be a failure? Or jurisprudence?

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 9.10.12

Iranian pastor released from prison.  Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Released From Prison

World missions making it happen in Bali.  Jesus Bucking the Hindu Trend in Bali

The ongoing debate between going to church or staying home.  An Open Letter to Stay-at-Home Christians

I like these reasons.  7 Reasons Your Church Needs An Elevator Pitch

Oh the destruction of a prideful heart. (This Lukan story is actually on the docket for this Sunday at CRBC) Three Beliefs of a Proud Heart

Some think this is a perfectly good waste of tomatoes.  Not me. La Tomatina 2012