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Marble’s Monday Menagerie 12.31.12

It is easy to fall into “Christian-ese” using language only found within subcultures.  It can happen to writers too.  A new blog find.

Ten stupid things ministers should never do.  Hopefully I won’t fall into any of them.

When looking back on my life as a pastor, again like the above link, I hope that I never have any of these regrets.

A top ten list of theological stories from Trevin Wax.  He is one to bookmark for daily reading.

I guess you don’t mess with Chick-fil-A on moral issues.  They end breaking records.

For you photo lovers, a nature collection from 2012 from “The Big Picture.”

For all you soccer officianados, a collection of every goal Messi scored in 2012.  A world record too.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 12.24.2012

A great article debunking some of the contemporary ideas about what makes a church grow.

Some folks find the Lord of the Rings movies hard to follow.  Here is some advice on how to watch and appreciate “The Hobbit.”

CRBC has a higher than average worship leader in Adam Pacheco.  Most churches are not as fortunate.

Before you get too excited about buying a lottery ticket to fix all your financial problems, consider this winner.  Or maybe he was a loser??

Some great historical information on jolly ol’ St. Nick.

For the theologians in the crowd who like to ruminate on the Trinity, here is a good one.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 12.11.12

A pretty cool article on the revival going on in New England right now.

Don’t let the title fool you.  It is obviously to get your attention.

Four words that will change every situation.  We can never get enough of these lessons.

Driving to work can be the best part of your day.

Great story on how folks are smuggled out of North Korea to flee religious and political persecution.

Again, the title is to grab your attention.  No kid would ever really want to be known for this, at least not while they are going through it.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie Nov. 26, 2012

Magic tricks have always fascinated me.  When I was younger, Christie and I went to this place called the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  A magician is nothing but a person who manipulates natural conditions to simulate the supernatural, something above and beyond nature.  This guy goes way beyond that. If you can figure out where this loaf of bread comes from, you should be doing magic tricks.

Those who are leaders ought never stop learning about leadership.  It is often the downfall of others which provide some of the best lessons for successful leadership.

Is the saying, “whatever it takes to get people thinking about the Lord” a valid argument.  See if this falls into that category.

Plato said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  Harsh sounding, I know.  However, life long learners are typically critical thinkers.  There are lessons everywhere from which the church can learn.  Even the recent election.

A pretty cool article on spousal abuse and the validation some have found in scripture for allowing it to happen.

A comparison between the world of Legos and the church world.

An interesting perspective on entrepreneurialism and helping people from the TED folks.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 11.12.12

For any of my friends who have traveled to Venice.  Water levels are at an all time high. Kind of surreal.

Reaching out to friends, family, and neighbors was never intended to be laborious and absent in and from our lives.  There are ways to be missional without dawning a white shirt and black tie.

With the Anglicans inaugurating a new Archbishop, they pause to reflect on their role in every aspect of life.  What can all church movements learn from their storied existence.

Lessons for our youth regarding priorities and the real meaning of treasure.

Encouragement to folks to give either obediently or sacrificially is more often motivated in the blessing that the giver receives than any other reason.  Folks with an outward view of life seem to do better than those who are self-centered.  This article helps with changing it from inward to outward.

With the 2012 election behind us, what can we learn about the heart of man and the political system which has been created in this country. Tim Keller has some brief thoughts.