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Gossip Kills!!!

Image from Slovenian beehive of two demons sharpening a woman's tongue.

On the MarbleRoll to the right there is a website called Koinoniablog.net .  A while back I signed up to get a daily email from them with all sorts of fun stuff about the Bible.  Well, every Monday they have a feature called “Monday with Mounce.”  He is a Greek scholar who breaks down the New Testament in fun and inspiring ways.  Today he broke from his tradition to address a critical issue- the issue of criticism and gossip.  It was so impactful that I wanted to share it word for word with you all.  The original post is found here

I am so thankful to be a part of a church with doesn’t look for negative everywhere.  That wants to grow and learn, be life-giving and powerful in the kingdom of God, that wants to be honoring and gracious.  There is an old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.”  The kingdom corrollary is “Familiarity breeds honor.”  I would much rather find the good in someone than focus on their faults!  Let’s work hard to change the stereotype the world has of Christians!  The devil has a hayday when Christians turn on eachother.  He doesn’t really have to do any work, cuz Christians do the work for him.

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