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“Humble Adventure”

For whatever reason, I seem to be thinking quite a bit on the lessons gleaned from wilderness adventures.   Maybe it was a short conversation I had with someone yesterday about how valuable the wilderness is for a training room.  Or maybe it is just the plethora of trips I have undertaken and how valuable I personally know those experiences have given me.

There are so many reasons why the wilderness teaches so well.  Yet here are a few more things to add to the list:

**Being in the wilderness constantly reminds me how big and transcendent Father is and how small I am.  It is easy to get too big for my britches.  The looming mountains remind me just how I fit into the ratio of the universe.

**Being in the wilderness reminds me how fragile my life is.  I can’t get too far from water.  It must always be nearby.  Hydration is more on the forefront of daily activity than in civilization where it is readily available. Your every breath and heartbeat, your eyes, ears, strength, and mental health are all from God.

**Being in the wilderness shows me that there really isn’t a whole lot I can control in life.  Humans try so hard to manipulate and control circumstances and things, often to no avail.  The wilderness has natural laws that work so uniformly and succinctly.  I must fit myself into the arena of the wild on its terms not mine.

** Weakness is highlighted.  And in glaring fashion.  If there is an ailment, a sore, a sickness, a discomfort, it will seem much worse in the wild.  Having to walk farther than we want with a blister or a hot spot on a joint somewhere reminds us of frailty.  There is no warm chicken soup for an aching body brought by someone else to bring comfort.  Instead, maybe a freeze dried meal that I have to fix myself.

If I am at home and need a jostling to remember some of the things above, I read Job 38-41 and am quickly brought back to my senses.