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Marbles Monday Menagerie

Interesting thoughts on unhealthy and healthy criticism.  (Can there be a menagerie without Tom Rainer?  I think not.)

I have also wondered why autumn has two names.  When is it appropriate to call it autumn and when to call it fall?

For my Greek-nerd friends- love the discussion on the fun topic of anger and its relevancy to life.

Now that the papyrus fragment has been called a forgery, here is some info on that verdict.

Is having something in place like this admitting that there is going to be a failure? Or jurisprudence?

Book Review- Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament “Galatians”

Quite a while back a DenSem buddy named Jon Clemence put out a Facebook comment that Zondervan was giving away one free new commentary to folks.  There was a group of four from which I could choose one.  The catch- the recipient had to review and/or promote the book on his or her blog.  At the time, I knew a blog was in the offing, but not public quite yet.  Now that “the Marble Madness Blog” is up and rolling (ha), I can make a concerted effort to maintain any semblance of integrity remaining within myself.

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