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Prayer for our Kids Day 15 – Generosity

“Grant that my children may be generous and willing to share, laying up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for eternity” (1 Timothy 6:18-19).

I’m a mom of two kids. One is three years old and the other is almost one. The paraphrase of the scripture above is real to me because sharing is an issue we deal with almost every moment of every day. However, it’s not only about sharing toys and taking turns, and 1 Timothy drives the true point home, it’s about establishing a firm foundation for eternity.

Being generous sounds easy enough, but what does it truly look like? What if we take a second and examine each area of our lives. Are we generous with our time, for example? Let’s break this down a little. Do we stop to listen to our kids when they have something to say or are we too busy? Do we take a day off of work to enjoy our kid’s company even though it isn’t convenient or conducive to our schedule? Or how are our kids expected to learn generosity if we don’t give money to those who need it, or take a meal to someone who’s recently had a baby?

Our God has an amazing way of giving us opportunities to make the right choice. I was in the middle of writing that last paragraph and down walks Makenzie, who I might add is supposed to be in bed. Dad put her to bed earlier, but she needed “mom in her room”. I caught myself telling her that I couldn’t come, and then remembered what I wrote just two sentences before. Today I am thankful for Father’s grace and forgiveness and the chances he gives me each and every day to make a better choice. He uses things in our day to day lives to encourage us and gives us chances to honor Him. I am thankful for that chance.

Our kids are our mission field. It is our job to disciple them and pray for Father to work in their lives so that they can know Him and spend eternity with Him. If God’s word directs us to be generous and willing to share, laying up treasure for a firm foundation for eternity, then we need to do it. Let’s be aware of all the moments he gives us to make the right choice, and today let’s choose to be generous.

Guest post- Rachel Theobald