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B90X2012 Jan. 8 “Pharaoh knows best”

Reading through the Bible every year like this is kind of like going on a long road trip.  We have driven to Los Angeles from Colorado so many times that we know the places to stay, great places to eat, the long stretches of highway, and even where to change drivers.  Yet even in the redundancy of the drive, the same ol’ same ol’ scenery, we would see something new, find a new restaurant, or see Father’s hand in the adventure.

Reading through the Bible this time is once again, just like that.  We are reading very familiar stories. Even stories we have heard all our lives and probably did a flannel-graph of them.  We can retell them with vivid detail.

Yet, each and every time I read, there is something new.  For example, here is a short phrase I had not seen before today.  It is only four words.  Yet in its brevity, a powerful truth is reflected.

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B90X2012 Jan. 6 “Don’t Sellout”

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how many times I read the Bible, each and every day, something new surfaces.  I don’t know if it is a heightened level of serene contemplation, therefore more aware of what I am reading, or just hungry.  Either will do.

This time it is from the Joseph story.  The Bible says Joseph’s family moves into Egypt.   The district of Rameses was the best part of the land, the most suitable for raising a family and grazing livestock.  The tribe was lost in delirious wonder as they recalled how the events of the past several decades unfolded.  However, their expectation darkened into anxiety and evanescent shades of worry dominated.

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Prayer for Egypt 2-19-2011

Friends~  One of our close friends forwarded the following email to me from some folks in Egypt.  Additionally, check out this video of some of our Christian brothers praising God and worshipping Father in song and prayer.


We really thank you all for your backing to us & for your prayer to our nation in such a hard time.
We really appreciate your prayers. Your backing made a difference & we still need it.
It’s with no doubts, that exposure of corruption is great. We agree that it needed God for all this corruption to be unveiled.
Yet, I believe, we’re in a very critical situation. Situation is very serious. 
Just few hours ago sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, president of the world council of muslim scholars (an Egyptian sheikh who was not allowed to come in country for 31 years) has made a speech in which he called the Supreme Council of the Egyptian armed forces to open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip urgently, to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip. He said so after energising  who were listening to him to defend for their brothers in Palestine.  Al-Qaradawi said in his sermon, which was attended by more than 2 million Egyptians “The Rafah border crossing would open,” adding that the Egyptian army, which fought a war for palestine, it can not be against their trapped palestinian brothers. He also expressed his hope of freeing Al-Aqsa mosque, calling on Allah for help for muslims to pray in it soon. Just few hours after his speech, the army responded & opened Rafah crossing point for some cases for 3 days!! 

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Prayer for Egypt

Prayer for Egypt

With all of the hoopla in the media regarding the events of Egypt, there is a piece we are not hearing about.  Most of the attention is going towards the move from the more secular style government to a theocratic style similar to that of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.  Just days ago as masses were forming to protest, another group was forming.  This group was preaching Jesus, singing praises, and chanting slogans of praise to God.   For a video look at the gathering, check out the youtube link below. 

This letter is from some friends of Heidi’s who are ministering in the the middle east.  They are traveling around the US raising awareness regarding the Christian plight in M. countries.  It is very exciting to see what the Lord is doing around the world.   We have someone we know who can keep us informed on an ‘up to the minute’ basis and from a side that is not normally presented on any news wires.
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