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Relief Aid for Japan

Japanese Tourboat rests precariously on one of only a few remaining structures left in Otsuchi, Japan.

Parts of the island of Japan are now nearly 8 feet from where they were just a week ago.  A record breaking earthquake along with a record breaking death count and physical devastation has hit our world like never before.  With our ability to receive vast amounts of information at break-neck speed, the impact of this natural disaster is so much greater than many of us can fathom.   Our ability to watch a mud wave roll through towns, farms, and countryside is beyond surreal.  There was nothing any of us could do to stop it.  It destroyed everything in its path.

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News from Our New Zealand Friends

Check out this video from today by a Pastor David MacGregor, the pastor of Grace Vineyard who has mobilized a crew working on earthquake response:

I just received a Facebook note on my personal page from our friends Noah and Kate Cremisino.  Their house is sitting smack dab over the epicenter of the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We were so blessed to have been able to help them with an offering which far exceeded anything I could have imagined it could have been.  They have been helped so much that they are using the funds to help out the community.  Here is her FB note from just a few minutes ago:

Tell your church THANKS! We are starting to give out your church’s donation todays—buying food in bulk to give to a relief center in the hardest-hit area of “New Brighton”. This church opened a distribution center because this area has no operating stores and getting across a severely damaged town takes half the day. And with job losses due to damaged buildings and the city center closed, money is tight.

Thank you everybody.  Pastor Mark.