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Divorce rate among Christians.

For my entire life as a Christ-follower, I have heard that the divorce rate among folks in the churches I attended was no different than that of the secular population. It always puzzled me that somehow those who were really working hard to have a Biblical influence in their lives would look no different in the marriage department than anyone else.

This kind of promotion of statistics did not help me. Were we all really the same? Just because the average divorce rate in the US was roughly 50%, did that mean I had to fall in the statistical quincunx box. I didn’t want that for my life.

The other day, I ran across a more reasonable chart showing some data on divorce rates in various religious demographics.

Finally, some relief.  Not true after all. I feel so much better. I want the best relationship with my wife I can possible have and remain faithful to my vow “til death do we part.”