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Prayer for our Kids Day 21 – Contentment

“Father, teach my children the secret of being content in any and every situation, ‘through Him who gives them strength’” (Philippians 4:12-13).

contentmentContentment is definitely not something that our country is generally familiar with. On the contrary, we are surrounded by advertisements trying to get us to buy a newer version of what we already have. Being content with our life or belongings is not popular to say the least.

This verse from Philippians adds so much power to this prayer because being content is hard to do, but being thankful and appreciate for what Father has blessed us with is possible through His strength.

I want my kids to always desire to push themselves to be better, but I want them to be thankful for all that they have. We are a tremendously blessed nation and I want them to see that.

A popular saying right now is, “first world problems”, meaning we complain about things that people in third world countries don’t even know exist. Let’s be thankful for all the wonderful things Father has blessed us with and prayerfully encourage our kids to do the same.

Guest Post- Rachel Theobald

B90X- Ecclesiastes

Good day again~

 Ecclesiastes is one of the most difficult books in the Bible to read and to understand.  Its subject is the meaning of life.  It investigates the validity of the common quest to find meaning in life “under the sun” or, as we would say, “in this life.”  The answer is that each path pursued (wisdom, wealth, pleasure, power, legacy) has several potential drawbacks:

* It proves an unworthy pursuit.
* It is unachievable (i.e., no matter how much of it you get, there is always more to get).
* In the end you die anyway, so what is the point? Continue reading