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Marble’s Monday Menagerie 05.14.2012

A few posts which caught my attention~~

Small churches and their leaders still matter.

What quality in a leader do you think is most important?  Is it this one?

A well balanced life requires more than incessant Bible studies.

Oh to be an introvert in church.

For my archaeology friends.

A life giving perspective on the decisions we make.  The comments on this one may be just as good as the article.

The travesty of the flesh, the upcoming Olympics, and the greed associated with both.

“Stamp me, stamp me!”


Archaeologists digging near the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City unearthed a rare find used in the daily work of the ancient Jewish Temple.

The small clay seal is inscribed with two words in Aramaic meaning “pure to God.”

“This is the first time we got [found] something that belongs to God, belongs to something that came from the temple,” Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Eli Shukron said.

Archaeologists say the seal is the first archaeological evidence of the administrative workings of the Second Temple. That temple was built around 500 B.C. after Solomon’s Temple had been destroyed.  More here.

Israel temple seal