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What we think and believe about ourselves has tremendous impact on soooo much of our lives.  What I allow to wander through my cranial cavity can determine much more than I realize.  The health of my body, soul, and spirit has much to do with what I think and believe. 

In yesterday’s sermon at Castle Rock Bible Church, we looked at a hunchback woman who had been so for 18 years.  Think about it, much of her daily view was the ground.  Jesus in his compassionate state said, “this woman, our sister, a relative in the promise of Abraham, one of our family, needs to be free from this oppression.”  He even pinpointed the reason for the influence.  Satan and his wily kingdom had set up camp in her body causing tremendous damage.  In his empathetic state,  Jesus sidestepped the built-up rules of Sabbath to provide relief to this woman.  In the process, revealed the hearts of the crowd into two definite camps.

One of the many points in discussing her ailment was that in our western world, the general mindset is that our bodies are our bodies and sickness or disease or difficulty is strictly the result of poor diet, lack of excercise, hereditary, or pumping our bodies with toxins.  Western thinking precludes any demonic spiritual influence on our body, soul, and spirit.  Not so in the eastern world, of which Jesus is a part.  They have no problem understanding how the spiritual world has a significant impact on the physical world.

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