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B90X- Tabernacle Construction

I did exactly what I told you all not to do.

Starting in Exodus 25, after a whole lot of arduous reading of laws about thievery, animals which gore people, proper marital relations, fighting, and priestly rules, there is a great big section on how to construct the mobile tabernacle.

Two things captured my imagination.  The first was how in the world primitive weavers made linen and wool panels six feet wide by forty-two feet long, as well as other loops, sewing, looms, shearing sheep, processing materials, needles, thread, techniques, etc.

The second was the wood used and how it would have been worked in all of its intended uses.

Me being me, couldn’t just let it go.  All sorts of questions and ruminations about how this work would have been done puzzled me.  There was nothing asked of folks that wasn’t something that could not be done.  So there had to be systems, tools, and techniques in place for all of it to be done.

The first folks mentioned in the whole Bible who are filled with Spirit of God are two craftsmen, Oholiab and Bezalel.  They were two carpenters who were given all sorts of  wisdom, knowledge, and skill to do some pretty amazing things with wood and their hands.

I started by saying that I did something I told all of you not to do- I stopped reading and did some researching.

Here is some information on shittim wood or acacia wood, the only wood allowed to be used in the tabernacle.  Today we know it as Red Acacia.

This book, Life in Biblical Israel, had all sorts of answers on tools, materials, and craftsman if anyone is interested in a really book to answer all the questions I had.  Additionally, there is tons more information on all sorts of things.

life in Biblical Israel