Should Christians be the best tippers?

Through the years, I have known a few waiter staff who have shared their disdain for Christians who come in to restaurants flaunting their religious banners.  They treat the servers horribly, carry on their conversations completely ignoring the folks wanting to take orders, pray lavishly so everyone can hear, and then leave a pitiful tip and a tract, thinking the tract trumps everything.  The tracts usually end up in the trash unread, because there was no kindness endearing the heart of the server to the Christians.

If we want to capture the heart of those serving in a restaurant, there needs to be a bit more compassion towards those people working.  Especially when it is a Sunday and those folks are serving Christians who are supposedly practicing the Sabbath.  Well, what about a Sabbath for the servers in the restaurants?

Anyway, here is an article about said topic which furthered my belief that Christians should be the most polite, non-confrontational, and best tippers any waiter or waitress ought to ever have.

What is your opinion on this subject?