Relief Aid for Japan

Japanese Tourboat rests precariously on one of only a few remaining structures left in Otsuchi, Japan.

Parts of the island of Japan are now nearly 8 feet from where they were just a week ago.  A record breaking earthquake along with a record breaking death count and physical devastation has hit our world like never before.  With our ability to receive vast amounts of information at break-neck speed, the impact of this natural disaster is so much greater than many of us can fathom.   Our ability to watch a mud wave roll through towns, farms, and countryside is beyond surreal.  There was nothing any of us could do to stop it.  It destroyed everything in its path.

Pastor Mark sending a text to the Red Cross for aid to Japan

Our prayer for the nation of Japan is critical and essential.  It is our belief that Father can work through any and all circumstances like this for folks to be drawn to Himself.  Economically and physically, none of us really know what the impact of this tragedy is going to have on us worldwide.  Certianly for the Kingdom of God, it can be used to point people to the anchor of hope, Jesus.  We pray that missionaries and Christian organization in Japan will have incredible harvest in kingdom work.  They need stamina and finances to go with their zeal and influence. 

On Sunday, Pastor Mark encouraged us to make any effort possible to send monetary aid to Japan and the relief organizations involved there.  Since Castle Rock Bible Church does not know anyone personally ministering in Japan, we were encouraged to help as we pray and Father leads us in the direction lead individually. 

In our presence, Pastor Mark typed in 90999, hit ’options,’ then ’new text message,’ entered “Redcross” on the screen and hit ‘send.’  Pretty quick he received a text back saying, “if you want to contribute, text back ‘yes.’” So he did. Yet one  more came back saying, “Thank you for your donation of $10.  It will be added to your regular wireless phone bill.”

The Salvation Army is 80888, type in quake, and you will do the same thing.  The notable difference is that the Salvation Army attaches the Gospel to their work anywhere in the world.

A Salvation Army secure Internet site to contribute through PayPal is here.

A fantastic Internet site for breaking events around the world through a photographic blog is picture.  For more pictures and information like the one above go here.