Prayer for our Kids Day 24 – A Servants Heart

“God, please help my children develop a servant’s heart, that they may serve wholeheartedly, ‘as to the Lord, and not to men’” (Ephesians 6:7).

servant's heartI had a really hard time understanding this verse as a kid. Working for Father and not for myself was a hard concept for me. As I’ve grown in my relationship with Him it has become easier. The same goes for having a servant’s heart. It can be hard as a kid to think of others and put their needs in front of our own. We are born sinners into a sinful world. It is not natural to do things with a servant’s attitude putting others before ourselves.

Every once in a while though I’ve come across a kid who is others minded. It is so refreshing to see. Thankfully we don’t have to try and control our kid’s behaviors. We serve an amazing God who wants us to submit to Him and give our children to Him in prayer. It is most important for us to let go of the control and allow Father to work in us and in our kids. All we have to do is give our lives up to Him.

Our kids can have a servant’s heart. If we pray for them, release control of our lives and theirs, Father will work through us and in them. A servant’s heart is an attitude that comes from Him, so why not stop trying to be something on our own and allow Him, the creator of a servant’s heart, to be that in us.

Guest Post- Rachel Theobald