Prayer for our Kids Day 21 – Responsibility

“Grant that my children may learn responsibility, ‘for each one should carry his own load’” (Galatians 6:5).

responsibilityResponsibility is so important for our kids to learn, especially in this day and age where our society tends to place blame on anyone and everyone except for themselves. I read once in a parenting book about how they stressed to their kids that if you do not pick up after yourself that you are leaving your mess as a burden to someone else. They elaborated much more on it than this, but it stuck with me. It’s easy as parents to want to do things for our kids, we can do it better or faster and then we don’t have to listen to them whine about it. And although we, as their parents, might be okay with these behaviors, it’s important to remember that we were establishing their foundation that they will carry into the rest of their lives. We are then teaching them that it is okay to burden their teacher, friend, or eventually spouse with their irresponsibility.

Personally, I want to remind myself that, even if it’s harder on me and harder in that moment, that it’s more important for them to learn responsibility now and be able to bless others rather than burden them.

Guest Post- Rachel Theobald