Prayer for Egypt 2-19-2011

Friends~  One of our close friends forwarded the following email to me from some folks in Egypt.  Additionally, check out this video of some of our Christian brothers praising God and worshipping Father in song and prayer.


We really thank you all for your backing to us & for your prayer to our nation in such a hard time.
We really appreciate your prayers. Your backing made a difference & we still need it.
It’s with no doubts, that exposure of corruption is great. We agree that it needed God for all this corruption to be unveiled.
Yet, I believe, we’re in a very critical situation. Situation is very serious. 
Just few hours ago sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, president of the world council of muslim scholars (an Egyptian sheikh who was not allowed to come in country for 31 years) has made a speech in which he called the Supreme Council of the Egyptian armed forces to open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip urgently, to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip. He said so after energising  who were listening to him to defend for their brothers in Palestine.  Al-Qaradawi said in his sermon, which was attended by more than 2 million Egyptians “The Rafah border crossing would open,” adding that the Egyptian army, which fought a war for palestine, it can not be against their trapped palestinian brothers. He also expressed his hope of freeing Al-Aqsa mosque, calling on Allah for help for muslims to pray in it soon. Just few hours after his speech, the army responded & opened Rafah crossing point for some cases for 3 days!! 

Also regarding the two iranian warships, the army preliminary agreed to allow them to pass through Suez canal !!
I believe in what said by a prophetic voice saying “Resignation (of Mubarak) would lead to Chaos which may be the event that shifts the balance of power in the Middle East”.  
If this is the case then it is urgent that we pray for God’s will in this situation
With total faith that God is in control & HE is orchestrating all things, yet in my prayer, I can discern in the spirit that many elements are sharing in the change that God allowed to happen lately. Among them, are some ungodly alliances of superpowers including, the media, the world system, Islam, the US, the EU, the UN & many others. They all know how important is Egypt on all levels. They all intentionally or unintentionally are working together & made the best use of the real huge corruption infiltrating the whole country.
We’d love to share with you some prayer points that we feel for now,
At the moment, there is a vacuum in the country which many will try to fill & occupy. It’s time to pray for God’s Will to be done.
2.The New Constitution:
At the moment, a committee of 6 persons (all are muslims & one of them is from muslim brotherhood) are working on modification of 6 points or articles of the constitution as a preliminary step for a new constitution by the time of the new president in September/October. We pray for God’s Sovereign Hand over them although they don’t know Him.
3.The New Government:
The current government will be only working for short time (Days?) then the army is shortly going to form a new government that will stay till election time in September/October. We pray for God’s intervention in this choices & that HE puts the right ones.
4.The Coming President:
From now we pray for this man as Egypt’s president is very important. Some candidates & names are already there. The muslim brotherhood as well other groups, from behind the scene, are working on putting a hidden man who belongs to them (although publicly they announced that they’ll not run for the presidential race this time).
5.The influence of what happened in Egypt:
The influence is great. It’s widely spreading in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, Lebanon and so on. Now in Iran also. We pray for God’s Sovereign Hand over the whole region in this time of shaking so all will lead to what only brings God’s Glory whatever it could be.
6.The Body of Christ:
Still big disunity is there. We pray for humility to know how to hear from God without preset thoughts. Also to hear each other. We only can know or receive SOME of the picture, just an angle of it. We don’t want to serve the enemy’s agendas through the blindness & confusion that he is throwing like a blanket. They all are men & women of God. We respect all. We, with others, might see it differently but we definitely appreciate all. We pray that the different opinions will not hinder us from joining hands together. 
We pray for President Mubarak & his family. This could be his last days in life as he is very sick & very down emotionally & psychologically. We pray for Godly encounters to him & each one of his family.
We also pray for encounters even to the heads of corruption who are now under questioning & investigations.
Lots of agendas are still hidden. Let there be an exposure, so things will be obvious. We pray “Let there be Light”. We also pray that God sovereignly would interfere.  
9.Isaiah 19:
It’s now on all tongues even the unbelievers. We pray for right reading to this key chapter & hence right prayers. 
Relationships now with Is* is questionable. We pray for God’s intervention.