Marble’s Monday Menagerie 11.05.12

The Bible is an amazing book.  Full of lots of words and sayings.  Some are easier to understand than others.  The ones which are not easy to understand require more thought and knowledge.  Here is a help with that conundrum.

Whenever a natural disaster in the ilk of Superstorm Sandy hits our land, there are always the ones who want to know where God is.  Here you go. Another perspective.

This is kind of old yet timeless.  Learning Biblical languages brings a different light to our world.

So many folks are trying to deal with the possibility of a Mormon President.  My take is that it is OK.  Here is a similar view.

I think I was cautious on this advice.

I am not ready to let it all hang out just yet.  Is the main gathering at a church really the place to let this happen?