Marble’s Monday Menagerie 03/19/2012

An odd collection this week-

An interesting progression of guitar riffs in rock and roll for 60′s and 70′s rockers.

An idea from Tom Rainer about why the big keep getting bigger and the small disappear.

I love to see satire used to make a point.  This one is great about judgmental hearts. I am certain no one reading this will have one.

The side of sexual addictions which gets little airplay, the wife and how she is to deal with her husband.

Men can never have enough weapons in their arsenal on how to deal with temptation.

A really good reminder that we can’t always see what is happening behind the scenes in the spiritual world.

Loved this- I have always said that life is kind of like boxing, that we have to learn how to take punches as well as give them.  Enjoy this one on how to receive criticism.

Debt can do funny things to folks. Hopefully these tips can help you deal with it appropriately.