Marble’s Monday Menagerie 02.27.2012

The number of published writers on the world wide web has become so large, one could literally spend every waking minute of his/her day perusing and reading the nearly infinite key pecks folks are putting out.

In an attempt to be more ‘read,’ I wonder if the time spent is worth the time or a waste of time.  (That didn’t take long to find a rabbit trail.)

Some bloggers will collect articles they have read and thought were worthy to archive for future reading or study.  I have lists of articles on various topics which I refer back to.  I imagine though that I will forget I have archived material stashed away in one of my computer files and never get back to it.

Other bloggers will provide a list of the posts they deem worthy of repost and retag.  They have done all the surfing and scanning and felt their short list for the day is the best of the moment.  Truly this tactic saves time and does cull the finest articles for my daily reading.

I have decided to do the same thing.  Links will be to a menagerie of topics, however due to the nature of my worldview, the preponderance will lean towards Biblical and spiritual topics.   Because this will be a weekly endeavor, some of the articles may have already been read or so “14 minutes ago.”   Enjoy it for what it is and be blessed.

The latest on Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani of Iran who refuses to renounce Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

The worship war continues to rage on.

The critics of critics of worship styles continue to defend.

Pastor Ed Dobson on what he is thinking about Christianity as his body is slowly dying.

An article on archaeology and The Exodus.

The first of a series of articles on creation, evolution, and Christian laypeople.