Infographic on the Millennial Generation

I pretty fascinating graphic showing some beliefs, ideologies, etc.  of a slice of North American culture so many find difficult to understand.  Those of us in the Baby-Boomer caste are trying to do whatever we can to reach all groups, but specifically this energy-filled, idea-laden, creative group who finds fewer and fewer of their peers faithfully attending church and aimlessly cruising through life.

The church should not just be a place to do things same ol’ same ol’ just to keep attendees.  The church should figure out what to do to keep the timeless truths of faith and practice while attracting the Millennials to Jesus.  Please pray for churches, pastors, church leadership teams, and ardent Christ-followers as they find ways to speak love and life to this slice of our society.

The site where this info graphic was posted and copied is found here.  Good stuff.

Created by: Online Graduate Programs