“Heaven is for Real”

I just finished this book.  “Heaven is for Real” A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo (2010).  At four years old, Colton Burpo experienced a ruptured appendix.  After an emergency appendectomy, he lived to return to the normal life of any growing child.  What followed was not expected, cannot be imagined, or dreamed.

Somewhere between being wheeled to and from the surgical ward, Colton went to heaven.  The doctors could not verify that he actually died, however, he did leave his body.  Months after the incident, Colton gave the first sign of the ethereal travels.  To his parents astonishment, it became very clear his excursion was not fictitious.   Colton could describe the rooms his parents were in when the surgery took place, as well as who they were talking to.  In heaven, Colton met his grandfather who had been dead for 25 years, sat on Jesus’ lap, was in the throne room of Father, witnessed Satan firsthand, shared events before he was born, and was even shown portions of the future.

Heaven is For Real is a quick read and written with such alacrity, one doesn’t even recognize how quickly the pages are turning.  The theological points are so significant, yet shared from the disarming innocence of a young boy who in no way could have known what he was relaying.  He speaks of Holy Spirit power, healing, death, sword fights, animals, angels, clothing, colors, and life while fighting with his younger brother about a toy.  He moves from the ethereal to the temporal in just one breath. 

If you are in need of some reassurance about eternity, some hope about what it is you believe, or a refresher in the supernatural, this fun read is for you.  Enjoy and believe like a child.