Flannelgraph Favorites!

Flannelgraph-WEBDoes anyone remember the days of Sunday School when the Flannelgraph was the visual-king-of-the-day?  I fondly recall when our teacher would tell a story and animate it with those 2 dimensional flat, felt, life-like recreations of Jesus, the disciples, Noah, David and Goliath, Samson, and so many more.
Oh those were the days.  I can see it in my minds-eye now.  Because of those stories and that technique, the ideas are firmly imprinted in my mind.  For the next four weeks, we are going to return to the pre-computer graphic days and do a series called Flannelgraph Favorites.
We’ll highlight some of our favorite OT stories that are so indelibly etched in our minds.  We’ll add some new thoughts and of course, make application to today for all of us.  I can’t wait!