Day Six of 21/90 (Ex 15:19- Ex 28:43)

Good Evening Saints~~

 Many times in life, we don’t really understand why we have to face certain challenges. But it’s sometimes those challenges that prepare us for what lies ahead.

In that day of battle, when David faced Goliath, and was even mocked for his lack of stature, it was David’s past that gave him the confidence to face the giant. David remembered what God had already brought him through. His faith in God was strong, and he knew that with God on his side, there was no way he could be defeated.

There are no doubt “giants” we will face in our future. And if we allow the challenges we face today to build up our faith in God, they will prepare us for lies ahead. We can have confidence that God will empower us with the ability to face even the most extreme circumstances with supernatural authority and power.

This is why fasting is so great.  If we can stay faithful to our commitment, no matter what it is, we learn to be faithful in other areas.  If I fasted before, even a little bit, I can do it again.  If I could read my portion of B90X yesterday, I can do it again today.  If I have won a battle in the past it helps me know I can win a battle today and tomorrow.  It just takes us from glory to glory.

That is why I know I can climb a mountain successfully.  I have done it in the past and I can do it again.  I was very tired and ready to give up on some of my summits, but it was this knowledge that I didn’t give up and made it that propels me on others.

The same goes with life, there are times when I don’t think I can make it or win a battle.  Then Father reminds of victories in the past.  And I am reminded of his character.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  He is faithful.  I could go on forever here.

That is what I love about reading Leviticus.  I am reminded of the character of God.  Over and over we will read similar verses.  “Be holy as I am holy” is a familiar one.  When I read through the law, I have to reflect on the law-giver.  The laws reflect Father.  There was a reason for all of them.  Rather than struggling through your reading of material which doesn’t seem like it matters, reflect on the character, nature, and attributes of our Father in Heaven, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the lover of your soul.

 What a great thing we are a part of.  Pastor Mark.