Day Eleven of Two Thousand Eleven B90X (Nu 8:15- Nu 21:7)

Good evening~
I am late today in getting my reading done.  Wow.  What a story! 
“Complaining and Grumbling”- The Steady Diet of Humanity
I am not sure that I have notice the words complaining and grumbling so many times in this section of scripture before.  It seems that in each and every case, those who do so think they have justification for their words, when in reality, do not.  Father takes this action very seriously.  Whether it was against him or the leadership in place, it is not well received.  To us, complaining and grumbling seem innocuous.  In reality, complaining and grumbling are the same as slander and murder.  Boy do I want to be careful regarding how I speak against those in leadership over me.
To think that in this section we see lots of interesting things.  Moses arguing with Father.  This is the first time this shows up.  I wonder if the habit the Israelites had wore on him?  We also see the signs of the first church split. The first stoning.  Joshua worried about gifts manifesting outside the Tent of Meeting.  Just ten men able to pollute the remaining folks in the crowd that going the route of the sea is a bad thing.  It doesn’t take much for a cancer to spread does it?  Speaking life-giving encouragement does take effort.  I wonder if the percentage of 10 of 12 holds true in our culture today?  That means that only 17% of people use gracious words?  I don’t know, but I want to be part of the 17%!

Interesting when you look at the two who think all will be OK.  Caleb is from the tribe of ‘praise,’ Judah and Joshua is from the tribe of ‘double fruitfulness,’ Ephraim.  I like what 14:24 says, “…my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly,” that is the kind of person I want to emulate.  Look at what the ten said in 13:33, “We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”  These dudes believed something that was not true over the word of God.  What a mistake.  What they spoke ended up being what they were.  Rather than seeing from God’s perspective, they cowered.  I don’t want what I speak to end as a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Let’s follow the word of the Lord instead.
Stay faithful Saints.  We are 50% through our 21 and 12.5% through our 90.  Father be glorified.  Pastor Mark.