Day Eight B90X (Le 1:1- Le 14:32)

Good morning Saints~~~
Wowzers!  I just finished reading the first fourteen chapters of Leviticus.  Miss Christie is laughing in the background as she is reading.  Human nature is so funny. 
I had a completely different paradigm reading this section today.  Reading Leviticus is such a joy and pleasure rather than a nuisance.  I asked Father to open my eyes in a completely different way this go-round.  I think one of the reasons I always shudder when I get to Leviticus is the result of a church we used to go to.  The pastor preached out of this book for about a year.  We got so sick of it.  We were wicked in every way.  We had to repent of everything regardless of whether or not we had done anything.  The group got very inverted, religious, and legalistic.  It got very sick, cancerous, and dead.  We got out.  It took a while before we were healed of all that and completely free.  But it made Christie and I very keen towards religious and legalistic spirits that at so prevalent in the church today.  Anything that smacks of spiritual pride, dutiful obligation, additional rules to salvation, and outward appearances are glaring and difficult.  They just don’t please Father.  He wants our hearts.  He want us to be living sacrifices.  He wants us to hate sin because sin destroys relationships.  Relationships are the most important thing we have.

I asked Father to show me new things today as I read, here are a few of them.  It is interesting that different details are jumping of the pages of scriptures to different ones of us.  What one finds interesting another finds something else.  I love how so many of you are saying, “I just have never read this before.”  Or, “I have read this so many times and missed this point or that point.”
So here we go:
** “Don’t let the fire go out.”  I thought about my life and the fire and passion that I possess.  It can go up and down, sometimes high and sometimes low.  I pray that it never goes out.  That I think about Father every minute of every day.  This might have something to do with ‘praying without ceasing.’
** The statement ‘an aroma pleasing to the Lord’ shows up a bunch of times.  I looked it up.  It is mentioned 25 times in Leviticus and Numbers.  This is a big deal.  There are some things that Father loves and are pleasing to him.  We don’t burn up bodies any more to provide the smoke that goes up into heaven that pleases Father.  Instead our lives, all that we do, our demonstrative worship, our interaction with people, our display of His glory are the pleasing aroma.  The NT says we are to God the fragrance of Christ.  What a statement. 
** Interesting point about salt.  Don’t forget the salt.  Salt was a seal of the covenant.  They understood preserving foods with salt, so they understood the preserving nature they and we are to have with our covenant with Father.  “You are the salt of the earth.”
** A few times we see the waistband that Aaron adorned.  Of all the garments he wore, the detail about their construction are not delineated.  However the words “skillfully woven waistband” are used.  Father doesn’t miss a thing and takes great delight in the details of excellence we put into things.
** All I can say about 9:23-24 is wow!  Let’s fall facedown with joy in the presence of Father at the incredible work he has done in us.
** No wonder so many worship services or people in worship services are so dead, they bring unauthorized fire in with them.
** I am thankful to know that I can roast up some locust, katydid, cricket, or grasshopper and eat them cuz they are clean!!  One never knows when one will need them for food.
** When we read  Luke 2:21ff regarding Joseph and Mary bringing Jesus into the temple after a “time of purification according to the Law of Moses” I now know what all of that looked like.
** Aren’t you thankful you don’t have to walk around yelling “unclean, unclean?!?!?!?”  Thank you Jesus.
** Christie pointed this out- The cost of sin is so high and time consuming.  Look at all they had to do to fix the error of their ways.  We have Jesus now.  Our sins are forgiven at the mere awareness of our sin by the Holy Spirit and confession of that sin to Father.  However, we still may have to deal with the consequences of our sin.  Many times our decisions and sins get us in a real pickle.  It destroys a whole bunch of stuff.  That is why the saying, “Sin will take you farther than you want to go, cost you more than you are willing to pay, and keep you longer than you are willing to stay” reverberates in my memory.  Sin is ugly. Sin stinks.  Sin is messy.  God hates sin and so should we.
I am so encouraged!  It is my prayer that you are too!  Let his words soak you like water.  Let them be life to you.  Stay thirsty my friends.  See you tomorrow.  Come prepared to worship Father with all that is in you with joy and exuberance.
I would love to hear how you are doing, what Father is revealing or teaching you, and what any of this is going to do for your life.
Pastor Mark.