Day 63 of B90X (Ez 47:13- Da 8:27)

For one of the best sermons on Daniel I have ever heard, refer to our website under “Media” and click on the tab for Sunday, Feb 27th by Scott Wenig. Scott joined our B90X series for Daniel and idea of “Standing for God.” Please take the time to listen- here is the link

We finished up Ezekiel, the last of the longer prophetic books and we now get into the last group of books, also prophetic, but of a lesser length, of which there are thirteen. The first one is quite enigmatic, especially the last six chapters. To avoid redundancy, I will keep the information short about Daniel.

Key concepts-
Daniel uses his training to develop knowledge and skills that God in turn draws on to use Daniel in His service.
Even the most powerful and successful kings the world has known acknowledge the sovereignty of Yahweh.

Daniel is set in the sixth century BC while Israel is in exile. Daniel and his friends have been taken into exile as young men who are to be educated as diplomats and scholars in the court of Babylon. Though their training immerses them in the Babylonian worldview, culture, literature, and religion, they remain faithful to God and stand as witnesses to, and sometimes illustrations of, his sovereignty over even the greatest empire the world had known.

People in the ancient world would have been inclined to think that Israel’s defeat indicated the weakness of their God in relation to the great Babylonian Empire and its powerful gods. The purpose of the book of Daniel is to illustrate and proclaim the sovereignty of Israel’s God. As Daniel and his friends trust the LORD, God shows himself able to protect and deliver them. At the same time, they have ample opportunity to declare God’s sovereignty as he demonstrates his power over the kings and gods of Babylon.

Key teachings about God-
God is sovereign over the kingdoms of the world.
God is able to deliver but offers no guarantees that he will do so in every instance.
The future is in God’s hands and under his sovereign control.

The central message is summarized in the decree of Darius after the lions’ den incident when he declares of Yahweh: “He is the living God and He endures forever; his kingdom will not be destroyed, his dominion will never end. He rescues and he saves; he performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on earth (Dan 6:26-27).