Day 26 B90X (1 Ki 16:21- 2 Ki 4:37)

Good morning~
I will have to admit, it takes a high degree of fortitude to keep up with this pace of reading.  And boy is it worth it!  Great stuff today.
Key dates to jolt your memory:
971 BC  The anointing of Solomon
931 BC  The division of the United Monarchy into North (Israel) and South (Judah)
722 BC  The fall of Samaria, the capital of Israel (invader: Assyria)
612 BC  The fall of Nineveh (the Assyrian capital)
605 BC  The battle of Carchemish
605, 597, 586 BC  The three attacks on Jerusalem and the fall (invader: Babylon)
I have attached several charts today from a book I own, John H. Walton, Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament (1994, Grand Rapids: Zondervan).  One is a map of the kingdom at its zenith, another at the split, one is all about family and ancestry of David, another the history of the United Monarchy, and a cool one, a list of the deities of the ANE we read about.

Elijah calling down fire upon the altar on Mt Carmel and the prophets of Ba'al.

We got all of Elijah’s ministry including the famous Mt. Caramel scene and the oft used ‘God in the whisper’ illustration by nearly every youth pastor on the planet.
“Don’t knock the Raven.”  A little saying I repeat to remind myself that our provision is from Father.  The raven falls in the category of unclean birds, yet Father in his humor used one or a few to provide provision for Elijah.  Sometimes our provision comes in the most far out fashion.  Whether from clean or unclean, sacred or secular, Father knows all.  Trust Him.
Remember way back when we talked about Jesus’ first sermon found in Luke 4?  Jesus used two non-Jews to illustrate Fathers love for people.  The people wanted to take Jesus to a cliff and throw him off.  Here in 1 Ki 17:7ff is one of the folks Jesus used in his illustration.  Love this miracle of the flour and the oil.  Significant symbols friends.
Radical Worship and Service-  End of 1 Ki 19.  A young man named Elisha has 24 oxen he leaves behind to follow the Lord.  He slaughters them, burns up his plow, feeds people, and never looks back.
“two scoundrels”
Micaiah son of Imlah has nothing good to say to Ahab, but always bad.  Maybe cuz there is nothing good to say, eh, Ahab?  Do you want the truth or not?  Or do you want someone to lie to you to keep you far from God?
Love the ‘Prophco.’  Wonder what crew was like, how it started, what they did everyday?  2Ki 1:7, 15; 4:1
Love the healing of the water story.  Put salt in it.  Hey that is you and me.  “you are the salt of the earth.”  Whenever we are in situations where it is bad and unproductive, maybe we can add some of the nature of the Kingdom of God to it and it can be healed.  Maybe we can add some of our gracious words, some of our lift-giving words instead of a typical critical, judgmental, negative attitude so many want to spew.  If our lives are full of the Spirit, we can have a kingdom effect on a situation to bring healing, deliverance, repentance, and life to a difficult situation.

Elisha praying for dead boy

Did you see it, a biblical precedent for pacing? 2 Ki 4:35!  Sweet!
Be aware of wild vines.  But look what Elisha threw in the death pot- flour.  hmmm.  Any similarity to the flour and oil above?
Saints, you bless me.  Don’t grow weary in doing good.  Pastor Mark.