Day 22 B90X (1 Sa 28:20- 2 Sa 12:10)

Happy Saturday Saints~ 
Jeepers, I don’t recall that much bloodshed in one day when reading this section.  Wowzers.  Joab is a fiercely loyal, cunning servant to David, eh?  What a curse David puts on his family.  Golly.

King David gives Joab Uriah's death sentence.

Every day when I read the section outlined for us, life principles jump out at me.  It never fails.  Even reading through some of these innocuous or gruesome sections, the nature of God and how we are to live our lives shines through.  Here are some examples:

1 Sam 30:6b Regardless of what was happening around him, David knows the nexus of his life.  Even though his wives and kids are yanked away from him, as well as all of his men, David ‘found strength in the Lord his God.’  I love how personal it is.  Is it equally personal for you?
1 Sam 30:15b I am struck by the fact that a persons word was so important.  Beyond possessions, it is all that we are, that which defines each of us a humans, and how it interplays with others.  As we have read through to this point, so many times the phrase, ‘swear to me’ or ‘on my word’ is used.  There really isn’t much substance to our lives if our word and our character do not match.  How is that balancing in your life?
1 Sam 30:23-25 David displays equity and honor in all situations he is confronted with.  I love how, in this story and instance, he provides a life principle of honoring the dignity of all human beings.  He does it later with Mephibosheth (2 Sam 9) in a great way and he does it with the evil wicked king, his father-in-law, Saul.  This is a great lesson for me in how I respond to wicked leaders over me.  How different would our nation be if Christians would honor President Obama, regardless of how off track some may think he is or how wicked or evil some think he is, he is our president.  As Christians, we have an obligation to honor him and pray for him.  David did not have to serve, honor with his words, honor with his actions, and protect King Saul, even after the king’s unending, relentless, pursuit of David’s life- but he did.  Even when Saul repented for his actions and words towards David, he forgot, let his jealousy and anger stir, and doggedly chased David again.  Just like Saul was assigned by Father to lead Israel at the time, so too is President Obama the fruit of the attitude of our nation and the king placed in authority by God to lead us now.  Rather than rail on him, it our high honor to pray for him and believe the best for he and his family.  Otherwise what separates a Christian from a base heathen?
2 Sam 1:19, 25, 27- In the ‘Lament of the Bow’ eek naf-lu givorim ‘how the mighty have fallen.’  There is a significant seismic jolt when someone mighty falls around us.  Whether spiritually or physically, a fall by someone we know or respect can have lasting consequences and impressions on our lives.  Stay strong and healthy my friends.
2 Sam 3:6-21  I am not going to elaborate on this.  Read through it.  Ask Father how and where it applies to your life and act accordingly.  There are serious results of blessings and cursings attached to our response to new leadership around us.
2 Sam 6:2  I love how the author reminds us, even in the midst of a narrative description, of who this entire tome is all about.  There is great theology buried in stories.  Here another reminder that heshem, the Name, is more important than anything on the planet.  The presence of God is the most important component in our lives.  Make the the nexus of your existence.
2 Sam 6:22 How excited are you about the presence of the Lord?  David exemplified for us a heart excited about the Lord.  “I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.”  Basically he was saying, I am going to get crazy in worship for Father, I don’t care what anyone thinks.  What a great life principle!  Praise and worship of Father should not be exceeded by anything else.  No sport team, no politician or radio host, no teacher, no hobby, no friend, no kind of food or drug, nothing.  Nyet. Nada. Nil.  (As soon as I finished writing this, the David Crowder version of “I will Become” came on my Ipod.  Coincidence? Out of 5,300 songs, 18 days, 33GB?  Hmmm.  I was dancing in my living room.)
I need to stop now and get ready to head over to The Rock for Lynn Butler’s Memorial Service.  I am sure I will see some of you there.
Hey, tomorrow, I am going to ask if anyone has a testimony, something the Lord has done in you or your family, or taught you through our B90X excursion.  You hear from me all the time, let’s give you an opportunity.  So be ready, this not the time to be shy or think what you have to say is irrelevant or unimportant.  What you have to say is important and encouraging.  Please bless me and others with what is happening in your spirit.
I LOVE what we are doing as a church.  Pastor Mark.