Day 21 B90X (1 Sa 16:1- 1 Sa28:19)

Good Friday Saints~~
Are you keeping at it?  Reading through the Bible at the daily rate we are takes determination and discipline.  The reward is that there is a delight like no other.  Thank you Jesus.  Even if you have found yourself a day, two days, or a week behind, don’t give up.  Just purpose in your heart to daily get back at it.  Just throw down an extra chapter or two and you will right back on skedge.  Just get up a bit earlier every day or turn the TV off for the evening.  You can do anything for 69 more days!

We were captured by the story of David today.  Isn’t it interesting how Father works out His will and His way in the hearts and lives of folks?  The king that everyone wanted, not because of a political problem but because of a spiritual one, was foul to the core.  Saul is a super jealous guy.  He has to be the top dog, whether he can do it or not.  It is interesting that when the kingship is stripped from him, even though he is allowed to stay in the office, he responds to folks so poorly.  David, just minding his own business, prepared by Father in the fields tending sheep, called into service of the king, gifted with musical talent, good looking, just doing what is in him to do- is the brunt of Saul’s jealousy.  David is just hanging around leading the king in some praise and worship and a spear comes flying at this head.  That would freak me out.  A spirit of jealousy is a wicked thing.  It takes shots at folks in so many ways.  If a leader sees someone who is more anointed than them or someone in a church or group sees someone with more talent than them promoted or receiving more attention, spears are thrown at that person.  David ends up running from Saul for the next several decades until Saul dies. 
As I read about David this morning coming to the battle front, the youngest of all his brothers, not trained in military battle, just bringing some roasted grain, bread, and ten cheeses to the war theater, I was struck with the zeal and life in the youthful spirit.  Sure David might have had some fear in him, but it didn’t show much.  He wasn’t going to let this outside foe have it’s way in the community of believers at the time.  So in youthful fashion, he slays the giant.  I love that.  So many folks get complacent.  They let the giants who harangue them yell at them every day.  They wallow in their minds that there is nothing that can be done.  They just figure this is the way it has always been, it will continue to be that way.  This is the way we do it so we are not going to change.  No guts, just status quo.  Staying in their tents, hanging out in churches, running from the enemy in great fear.
The Bible, several times, just in regards to David, says that the Spirit of the Lord or a Spirit of God is on him.  Let’s be folks who allow The Spirit of The Living God to be in us! People who do things different.  Sure there is all sorts of theological talk about how the Spirit on the OT was only for specific times and purposes, but we live on this side of the cross, the resurrected Jesus, and Pentecost.  The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is for all.  Not just ‘the special.’  Let’s all walk in a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit today.  Ask Father to wash your mind of old habits that don’t bring life and to bring a youthful zeal back in your life.  Willing to take on today’s new battles and see new victories.  And forget putting on someone else’s armor, it won’t fit.  Put on your own.  It is most comfortable and feels better anyway.  I got blisters and scrapes when I put on someone else’s gear cuz it didn’t fit right. Purposely adorn yourself with your battle gear listed in Ephesians. 
We are so blessed to be part of a great thing.  Stay steady, solid, and serving Jesus. 
Day 21!! Yeah baby!