Day 19 B90X (Jdg 15:13- 1 Sa 2:29)

Hello everyone~
How are things going?  Have you been keeping up?  Many of you are faithful to the task of reading, fasting, and praying.  I am very proud of you and am so blessed by your attention to your word.
In my attempt to bring daily encouragement and thoughts, I have fallen a bit behind haven’t I?  I would have a novella to this point, so I will spare you the agony of such reading.  You have enough to get through.

Just to throw out a few things:
We are moving from law to narrative literature, so the genre of reading should be a bit better for you.
Joshua was faithful to the promise to get to the land.  Remember though that he is not the hero, God is the hero.  It is God’s story, God’s land, and God’s victories.
Meditate on the Law. 
Reread Josh 2:9-12.  This is a Gentile speaking these words.
Josh 9:14- inquiring of the Lord was the right thing for them and is universal for us as well.
Josh 11:21 Joshua got to personally destroy the Anakites whom the untrusting, cowardly ten were afraid of.   Boom.
“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
They are settled, but not all is well.  They are kind of a rag-tag group without leadership.
The last portion of Judges 2:10 hit me like bricks.  :(   Very sad.
Circumcision performed and Passover celebrated.  Forget the flesh and remember the blood.  Instead we tend to remember the flesh and forget the blood.
Joshua was a decade, Judges is several hundred years.
There are cycles of judges in the book of Judges.  Some good, some bad, and some are both.
It is so evident to see the brokenness that follows rebellion.
The Israelites struggle with their world-view.  Not sure of what to believe or whom to let influence them.
It is easy to be harsh on them.  We need to be careful, we can be just as idolatrous and pluralistic.
Judges 11:3  ‘group of adventurers’  I want to be in that group.
It is sad when we make foolish vows.
Shibboleth.   What a crack up.  Very clever.
After all the junk in Judges, and believe me there were times I wanted to close my Bible, there is a vignette of contrast- Ruth.
“In the days when the judges ruled…” Ruth takes place in the same time period of the book of Judges.  A ray of faithfulness shines through.
Joshua/Judges/Ruth- Victory/Defeat/Redemption
Ruth is an instrument, the judges were obstacles.
Samuel is also an instrument.
Keep at it Saints.  This is some really good stuff.  Keep the cards and letters coming.  Pastor Mark.