Youth & Young Adults

Gravity: Groups (7th-12th Grade)
Leader: Pastor Austin Brammer
Phone: 719-271-0668
Description: Gravity is the student ministry at CRBC, and our primary means of connecting with students is in our small groups called Gravity: Groups. The groups are gender and grade specific and meet twice a month.
The times and locations are determined by each Gravity: Group leader and student.
Your first time to a Gravity: Group should be at the Gravity: Gathering on the second Sunday of each month.
Location: CRBC
Time: 4th Sunday of each month, times vary by group.

Spectrum – Young Adults Bible Study
Leader: Nate Marsh
Phone: 303.519.4035
Description: College age people gathering together to discuss topics of faith and life so we can be equipped to talk and answer questions when confronted about our Christian beliefs.
Location: Varies weekly. Visit the CRBC Facebook Page for current meeting info. Time: Wednesdays, 7:00pm