Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio Gig Review

Just the other night a bunch of us went to the Wells Fargo Theater downtown Denver for a Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio deal.

If you have never been to a Chris Tomlin worship concert go here and make some serious plans to get there.  You will not regret it.

I think one of the best things about Chris’ music is the focus of his songs.  Recently I read an article on worship titled “The Show is Over” in Charisma Magazine all about the state of worship music in some of our churches in the States.  Stertzer interviewed folks from all over and makes some provocotive points.  Quoting the article she makes the statement- “Then in the ’90s, a lot of songs were in first person, with a focus on self: “I need” and “Lord, what can You do for me?”  In reflecting on Chris’ songs, I can’t recall his being of this ilk.  As we all sang together, what came to my mind was how each song pointed to, reflected on, and illuminated something about Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit.  We sang to and about God the entire time.  This was super refreshing. 

According to one website, the Wells Fargo Theater in Denver seats 5,000.  Regardless of the big ‘c’ or little ‘c’ church any of the attendees participated in, there was a unity in worship so invigorating.  It made me think of the sea of folks who will surround the throne someday.  Every person seemed really excited to bless Father.  The crowd was loud, the action was demonstrative, and the participation was throughout.  Almost a kind of fun anticipation of “what are we going to sing next to glorify Father.”  At one point I turned to Adam Pacheco, the worship pastor of Castle Rock Bible Church and said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if our church worshipped like this every week?”

Louie Giglio is a master communicator.  He knows just when and how to break crowd tension.  No mellifluous words escape his breath.  His use of scripture to emphasize a particular point about Father is ethereal.  He is blessed with an ability to use His knowledge of the world and universe around us to further bignify (odd, new word) our transcendent Father.  He calls himself a nascent, nerdy astronomer.  I so enjoy how he uses images, sounds, and information about the cosmos to explain the scriptures.  That night, he used Psalm 148 to show us how all of creation sings glory to Father in each components individual and unique way.  Very cool.

If you can’t afford to fly to the next city on the tour list, go here, buy last years tour DVD to get a glimpse of what we experienced.  There won’t be the worship set before and after, just plug in the latest Chris Tomlin CD and worship Father with reckless abandon.