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My take on Newtown

Do we really need one more opinion making its way out into the blogosphere?  Quite frankly, no.  However, there seems to always be a however, writing can solidify thoughts into tangible and succinct ideas which can change lives.  So here I go.

Is it really fair or appropriate to ask the question “Why did it happen?” Aren’t the number of factors involved in these kinds of incidents so vast and deep that to answer it would truly require us to return to Eden and solve why Cain killed his only brother Abel out of jealousy with  a stick or a rock?

Why did any of the plethora of mass murders by seemingly “normal” individuals take place?  Don’t you so love it when news outlets have to find the one neighbor who says, “I always thought he (or she) was so nice and sensible.  I would never have suspected it.”

Think about the list of mass killings that have just taken place since 2008, there are too many to list, literally.  My opinion is we have become a Godless, standardless, and individualistic society.

Father God has been debated right out of so many aspects of our lives. He created the first list of laws that encapsulated every aspect of life necessary to lead a peaceful and respectable existence.  The Ten Commandments form the perfect set of guidelines for reasonable community coordination.  Don’t murder people.  Plain and simple.  The problem that has accumulated with obeying such a simple thought is that the moral standard for mankind has been become circumstantial.  ”What works for you, doesn’t work for me.”  Gosh how many times have we heard that?

And have the social networks really done anything to draw any of us closer together for a more healthy society?  If anything, by seeing your post on Facebook about what your day was like, has provided an answer to the question, “How are you doing?” and made it so that we don’t call one another and ask or meet over coffee to talk about life.  And maybe the world wide web had made us more introverted.  I can get all the answers on how to tile or replace my roof from YouTube without having to ask my expert neighbor.  Heaven forbid I look like I don’t have it all together. ;)

Do we really need more gun law and control?  Yah, I have heard the stats on countries that have banned guns and the number of mass shootings there.  And how the USA should do the same.  Can we really expect all bad guys to turn in ALL of their guns?  So when folks say, we need more gun control, what kind are they talking about? The topic is broad.

I don’t want to minimize the incredible tragedy that occurred to so many families all at the same time in Connecticut.  Yet, each and every day all over our nation, gangs kill each other at the same rate at the one incident at Sandy Hook.  Daily and nightly in Long Beach, Oakland, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington D.C., and Houston, senseless murder takes place.  Those incidents don’t quite tug our heart strings like a  group of innocent seven year olds gunned down do.  When it is one thug killing off another, the rational by some is, well there is one less thug on the street.  Horrible justification for doing nothing to love and mentor some in difficult living conditions.

My viewpoint is a spiritual one and one based on the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  A spirit of repentance must flow in the hearts of humanity.  A continual self-reflection and dialogue with Father regarding where ones heart is inclined.  I am not suggesting a return to a time in the US idealized by the “Leave it to Beaver” family and cultural dynamics.  I recognize that times have changed in that regard.  I am suggesting a return to God, His word, and a love one for another.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 12.11.12

A pretty cool article on the revival going on in New England right now.

Don’t let the title fool you.  It is obviously to get your attention.

Four words that will change every situation.  We can never get enough of these lessons.

Driving to work can be the best part of your day.

Great story on how folks are smuggled out of North Korea to flee religious and political persecution.

Again, the title is to grab your attention.  No kid would ever really want to be known for this, at least not while they are going through it.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie Nov. 26, 2012

Magic tricks have always fascinated me.  When I was younger, Christie and I went to this place called the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  A magician is nothing but a person who manipulates natural conditions to simulate the supernatural, something above and beyond nature.  This guy goes way beyond that. If you can figure out where this loaf of bread comes from, you should be doing magic tricks.

Those who are leaders ought never stop learning about leadership.  It is often the downfall of others which provide some of the best lessons for successful leadership.

Is the saying, “whatever it takes to get people thinking about the Lord” a valid argument.  See if this falls into that category.

Plato said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  Harsh sounding, I know.  However, life long learners are typically critical thinkers.  There are lessons everywhere from which the church can learn.  Even the recent election.

A pretty cool article on spousal abuse and the validation some have found in scripture for allowing it to happen.

A comparison between the world of Legos and the church world.

An interesting perspective on entrepreneurialism and helping people from the TED folks.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 11.12.12

For any of my friends who have traveled to Venice.  Water levels are at an all time high. Kind of surreal.

Reaching out to friends, family, and neighbors was never intended to be laborious and absent in and from our lives.  There are ways to be missional without dawning a white shirt and black tie.

With the Anglicans inaugurating a new Archbishop, they pause to reflect on their role in every aspect of life.  What can all church movements learn from their storied existence.

Lessons for our youth regarding priorities and the real meaning of treasure.

Encouragement to folks to give either obediently or sacrificially is more often motivated in the blessing that the giver receives than any other reason.  Folks with an outward view of life seem to do better than those who are self-centered.  This article helps with changing it from inward to outward.

With the 2012 election behind us, what can we learn about the heart of man and the political system which has been created in this country. Tim Keller has some brief thoughts.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 11.05.12

The Bible is an amazing book.  Full of lots of words and sayings.  Some are easier to understand than others.  The ones which are not easy to understand require more thought and knowledge.  Here is a help with that conundrum.

Whenever a natural disaster in the ilk of Superstorm Sandy hits our land, there are always the ones who want to know where God is.  Here you go. Another perspective.

This is kind of old yet timeless.  Learning Biblical languages brings a different light to our world.

So many folks are trying to deal with the possibility of a Mormon President.  My take is that it is OK.  Here is a similar view.

I think I was cautious on this advice.

I am not ready to let it all hang out just yet.  Is the main gathering at a church really the place to let this happen?