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Singing is not just worship warm-up!

I wonder if the debates about music in church will ever end.  But I guess as long as there are people who go to church who each have an opinion, there are going to be that many more debates. 

There are some who argue that music before preaching is unnecessary. There are all sorts of reasons why it isn’t pertinent.  My friend Zac Hicks is worship leader at a church in Denver. He has written an excellent article on this subject. If you are settled on this subject, don’t bother reading.  If you need encouragement that all parts of the Sunday morning Order of Service are relevant, then go here and see if he can change your mind.

8 Tips on Talking to your Kids about a Sermon

I was checking out some fellow friends blogs and came across a good entry. I enjoyed it so much and found it valuable to all of you, so here it is:

My friend Zac Hicks saw this list and made reference to his source.  The original post has details to each line item.  See if practicing this has any benefits in your relationships with your children. Continue reading

Prayer for Egypt 2-19-2011

Friends~  One of our close friends forwarded the following email to me from some folks in Egypt.  Additionally, check out this video of some of our Christian brothers praising God and worshipping Father in song and prayer.


We really thank you all for your backing to us & for your prayer to our nation in such a hard time.
We really appreciate your prayers. Your backing made a difference & we still need it.
It’s with no doubts, that exposure of corruption is great. We agree that it needed God for all this corruption to be unveiled.
Yet, I believe, we’re in a very critical situation. Situation is very serious. 
Just few hours ago sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, president of the world council of muslim scholars (an Egyptian sheikh who was not allowed to come in country for 31 years) has made a speech in which he called the Supreme Council of the Egyptian armed forces to open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip urgently, to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip. He said so after energising  who were listening to him to defend for their brothers in Palestine.  Al-Qaradawi said in his sermon, which was attended by more than 2 million Egyptians “The Rafah border crossing would open,” adding that the Egyptian army, which fought a war for palestine, it can not be against their trapped palestinian brothers. He also expressed his hope of freeing Al-Aqsa mosque, calling on Allah for help for muslims to pray in it soon. Just few hours after his speech, the army responded & opened Rafah crossing point for some cases for 3 days!! 

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“Heaven is for Real”

I just finished this book.  “Heaven is for Real” A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo (2010).  At four years old, Colton Burpo experienced a ruptured appendix.  After an emergency appendectomy, he lived to return to the normal life of any growing child.  What followed was not expected, cannot be imagined, or dreamed.

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