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“Walking in the Spirit”

Recently a seminary read fell of a bookshelf. As I picked it up, I was reminded of how deep and thought provoking the author was.  The Christological debate on the humanity and divinity of Jesus can never be fully articulated.  Ultimately it is a position of faith.  Jesus was either who he said he was, or as CS Lewis states, either a liar or a lunatic.

Fully Human Fully Divine, An interactive Christology is a series of chapters dealing with the theological issues and aspects within the tension of the perfectus Deus, perfectus homo.

Traditional evangelicals tend to pull the divine card too quickly.  ”Well He is God and can do whatever He wants, whenever He want, and however He wants.” True, but what about the kenosis.  What did he leave behind when He left Heaven to walk with us?  It is easy to fall into the heresy of Docetism.  For me personally, Jesus has to walk in more humanity than the docetists expound. Jesus has to be human.  He has to emote.  He has to rely on Father.  He has to deal with earthly life in order for me to understand that I can be successful as a true disciple.

The author of FHFD is Michael Casey, a Cistercian monk from the Tarrawarra Abbey in Victoria, Australia.  The book follows the gospel of Mark, maybe that is why I like it so much, as it unravels the mysteries of the God/man.  It comes highly recommended.

Here is a paragraph from chapter 14 on “An Open Heart”:

If we live our daily lives with all the windows open, it becomes possible for the Spirit’s gentle breeze to penetrate our resistance and bring us relief from the tightness we impose on ourselves.  We consent to live on the brink of the unexpected, alert for any indication of where inspiration may prompt us to go.  This means, of course, laying aside the blueprints we have drawn up for the rest of our lives, and learning to live in the carefree insecurity  that characterizes the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.   We become people ready for a mission– without ever knowing what it is that we will be asked to do.  We give up the self satisfied passivity of routines and ironclad guarantees and revel in the freedom of God’s children.  This is not to say that we are butterflies, flitting from one perch to another without obligations or commitments.  It means simply that whatever we do, wherever we are, we keep an ear cocked for the call of God and a heart open enough to be somewhat detached from our private perceptions, prejudices, and plans.

“Mountains of Guidance” CRBC 8.12.12

Someone thought some of the ideas from Sunday were so inspirational that they should be published.   What you see below is  what I speak from, so to get details and pictures one has to go to the website to listen and view the Powerpoint slides.  Hopefully it is as enjoyable to read as it was to ponder and prepare.

Every so often an event occurs in life that causes me to reflect on the entirety of life.  Such an event occurred this past week.

As many of you know, it is a life goal of mine to summit all 59 fourteeners in the state of Colorado.  That goal is close to realization.  This past Tuesday, I was fortunate to summit #’s 57 and 58.

On August 25th, I, along with nearly 15 plus friends from CRBC will be sponsoring a 14er climb to help raise funds for a ministry called Wilderness Ministry Institute.  Their mission is to train gospel leaders in predominantly Islamic countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Uzbekistan, and more.  Therefore the training is usually clandestine.

Included in the DNA of our church family is the funding, prayer, and participation of ministry groups in the vein of WMI.   CRBC is pleased to help WMI continue training leaders in “the uttermost parts of the earth.”

And to link a fund raiser we believe in with on my life passions is about as high an high as I could possibly walk in.

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Olympic Training Tips for Christians

Watching the best of the best from all over the world competing side by side is  worth watching.  Sometimes the event is so quick, we lose sight of all the work and time spent on getting to the Olympic stage.

Like those young ladies who do the vault in gymnastics.  Their performance lasts about 10 seconds and boom, it is over.

Regardless of the event, all athletes have three things they have to do to get to that level of success.  Those three things can also be applied to our lives as we journey the Christian road.

1. Learn to Focus
2. Leave the Past Behind
3. Don’t Settle

The entire article can be found here.   You too can have a success in life with Olympic proportions.

National Flag in a Church Sanctuary?

This is a great topic for thought and discussion.  Should or should not a national flag be vividly displayed in a Christian Church setting?  Additionally, should those in attendance ever say the pledge to said flag?  Is that a part of a ceremony which honors Jesus?  Does that detract from honor to the Kingdom of God?

It is a heated discussion when folks on either side have deeply ingrained beliefs either way.  It can even bring division within a church.

Here is an article I enjoyed and seemed to run across again regarding this issue.  I would be interested in hearing your perspective.   Link here.

Should Christians be the best tippers?

Through the years, I have known a few waiter staff who have shared their disdain for Christians who come in to restaurants flaunting their religious banners.  They treat the servers horribly, carry on their conversations completely ignoring the folks wanting to take orders, pray lavishly so everyone can hear, and then leave a pitiful tip and a tract, thinking the tract trumps everything.  The tracts usually end up in the trash unread, because there was no kindness endearing the heart of the server to the Christians.

If we want to capture the heart of those serving in a restaurant, there needs to be a bit more compassion towards those people working.  Especially when it is a Sunday and those folks are serving Christians who are supposedly practicing the Sabbath.  Well, what about a Sabbath for the servers in the restaurants?

Anyway, here is an article about said topic which furthered my belief that Christians should be the most polite, non-confrontational, and best tippers any waiter or waitress ought to ever have.

What is your opinion on this subject?