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Day 9 of 40 Days of Prayer for America 9.06.12

Target: Women

Proverbs 31:10 “
Who can find a virtuous woman?  For her price is far above rubies.”

Abigail Adams, a Patriot during the American Revolution, understood what makes a woman great:  “Adhere to those religious sentiments and principles which were early instilled into your mind, and remember that you are accountable to your Maker for all your words and actions.”

Prayer: Lord God, forgive us for being women who have traded righteousness for our own self-indulgence.  Draw us unto You.  Take us under Your sheltering wing and flood us with the truth found in Your Word.  Make us women of virtue.  May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable unto Thee oh Lord.  May we become a light in a dark place, a treasured wife, an honored mother and a respected citizen.  Show us our strengths and let our weaknesses be made perfect in You.  For without You, we are nothing.  Make us strong in spirit and truth, that we might glorify Your Holy Name in all that we say and do.  In Jesus’ precious name we pray and ask, Amen.

“The Demise of Guys”

This link came my way and so I checked it out.   It really challenged me as I have often pondered the internet and technological age in which we are so engrossed.  What will the long term affects of this all mean?  How have you seen it play out in your life or the lives of those you love?  Is there a scriptural antidote?  View, ponder, and work it out with fear and trembling.

At the bottom of the article there is a link to a TED Talk by Dr. Zimbardo. Please take a look at that as part of this exercise.

What every kid need to know about the Bible.

1. The Bible tells one big story.
2. The Bible is about God.
3. The Bible points to Jesus.
4. The Bible calls for (full) obedience that is grounded in the gospel and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.  Full article can be found here by the affable Trevin Wax.

Marble’s Monday Menagerie 03/19/2012

An odd collection this week-

An interesting progression of guitar riffs in rock and roll for 60′s and 70′s rockers.

An idea from Tom Rainer about why the big keep getting bigger and the small disappear.

I love to see satire used to make a point.  This one is great about judgmental hearts. I am certain no one reading this will have one.

The side of sexual addictions which gets little airplay, the wife and how she is to deal with her husband.

Men can never have enough weapons in their arsenal on how to deal with temptation.

A really good reminder that we can’t always see what is happening behind the scenes in the spiritual world.

Loved this- I have always said that life is kind of like boxing, that we have to learn how to take punches as well as give them.  Enjoy this one on how to receive criticism.

Debt can do funny things to folks. Hopefully these tips can help you deal with it appropriately.

B90X2012 “Ezekiel”

Without a doubt if there is anyone in the Bible any more dramatic than Ezekiel it has yet to be seen.  His vision, making maps of Jerusalem, eating scrolls, lying on his side for over a year, then flipping over and lying on the other for 40 days, eating Ezekiel 4:9 bread, shaving his head with a sword, cooking with human dung (changed to cow fortunately), cooking pots and meat, repetition of words and pictures, not mourning for his wife’s death, useless vines, comparing Jerusalem to prostitutes, it goes on and on.

No other author is more exact than Ezekiel.  Everyone of his stories is in perfect order chronologically, unlike Jeremiah.  There are thirteen date stamps recorded by Ezekiel through out the book.  Nearly each one of them can be narrowed to an exact day.

Ezekiel is part of the second wave of deportees who make the trek across the desert to Babylon.  Daniel and his friends are in the first one around 605 B.C. after the first attack by Nebuchadnezzar.  Ezekiel goes around 598 B.C. and speaks from Babylon to his friends there regarding what happened to them and what will happen in the next thirteen years back home, precisely what Jeremiah is living through.  Ezekiel names names and places with uncanny accuracy.

Whenever one studies a book, patterns are looked at, words, combinations of words, structure, etc.. Those different studies provide information on purpose and intent of the author.  And as we have seen and focused on throughout B90X, what is being said about Father in all of these words?  There is a signature statement found 53 times in Ezekiel of the 63 uses in all of the Old Testament- those words are “will know that I am the LORD.”  It is super obvious to us that Father is loud and clear in His message of covenant and faithfulness between He and His nation.  But for some reason, to them it was not so clear.  Ezekiel is making it as obvious as possible the God is God and attention should be paid His direction.  Knowledge leads to response.  When one truly knows Father, hopefully, an appropriate response follows.

“Ezekiel is ruthless in his exposure of sin in all its gruesome abhorrence.  Reading his language from the comfortable distance of those not directly targeted by his rhetoric, we may at times wince at the coarseness of his imagery or query the one-sidedness of his portrayal of Israel’s whole history (e.g. in chs. 16, 20, and 23). Once we recognize, however, that Ezekiel was engaged, not in a detached academic debate, but in passionate evangelistic persuasion, we can understand his tactics.  He was faced with people who refused to acknowledge their own sin,… Ezekiel’s tirades against Israel’s sin was necessary to bring at least some of his listeners to a more realistic assessment of their condition, and thereby to a genuine repentance.” Christopher J.H. Wright, “The Message of Ezekiel” in The Bible Speaks Today.  (Leicaster, IVP: 2001), p. 32.