Blessed to be a blessing

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Sometimes when a thing is over used it becomes less significant.
Sometimes when a saying is repeated too often it becomes pithy.

I have thought the latter about the saying above.  There was a time when it was reiterated so often that it lost its punch.  ”you are blessed to be a blessing.”  I didn’t resent it, but it did become diluted to the point of it meaning less.

The reality of it is still true.  When each of us walks in the blessing of the Lord, that blessing is not supposed to be bottled up and kept.  Instead, that blessing is to be shared with others.  And, not sparingly, but generously.  If we glory in our blessing and don’t share it, then it becomes an idol.  It can become a golden calf. We do things to worship the blessing and think it has everything to do with us and leave Father out of it.  This is not kingdom-thinking.

Instead, we need to recognize that EVERYTHING under the sun, including the sun, is a gift from Father.  All our strength, health, jobs, finances, gifts, talents, time, family, outpouring of love, prayers– everything emanates from the heart of Father.  Our kindness towards others is a reflection and seed in our hearts is from Him.  We have the choice to listen and obey or not.

I’d rather obey.  I’d rather not build a golden calf.  I’d rather have true riches.  Jesus said, “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches” (Luke 16:11).